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Social Networking for your Pooch

Social dogs are happy dogs which makes parks great spots for dogs to let loose and interact with each other. As dog owners, we all want to get the most out of our trip to the park, but unless you make a connection with other dog owners it’s sometimes hard to come by a time that’s good for everyone. What we’ve found is ‘Barklife‘ – or what we like to describe as social ‘petworking’. Barklife  is an app that is essentially a database of dog friendly parks and beaches; instant messaging; and map integration, all rolled into one! Just think of it as a a fusion of Four Square, Trip Advisor, and Facebook (but without the ad’s).


The map integration allows you to virtually check-in at the park, which automatically lets your ‘Barkbuds’ know you’ve arrived and vice versa. With the largest and most concise database of dog parks and beaches available in Australia, travelling with pets has never been easier – just jump on the map and you can check what local parks or beaches are dog friendly. Barklife also has an instant messaging function, so once your dog makes a new Barkbud, you can flick a message to him to organise a playdate, or even advise them of adverse conditions at your usual spot.


What we love about this app is the thoughtfulness that has gone into the making and practicality of the design. The guys at head quarters have evidently thought it through to include an option to add multiple users to your dogs account.  Making it all the more easier for your the rest of your family to get on board!


On a side note, have a watch of the videos below, we felt our heart tingle after watching the St Bernard one.


Barklife is available to download on iTunes here.