Pups of Sydney | Intro to the Brittany
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Intro to the Brittany

Country of Origin: France

Date of Origin: 1700’s
Original use: Retrieving
Life Expectancy: 13-14 years
Weight: 13-15 kg
Height: 46-52 cm
Features: Coat is fine and dense, with sparse feathering of tail. Short and rounded ears.

The Brittany is the most popular native breed in France. Often assumed to be a spaniel, it may be a spaniel by size but in function it is a classic pointer, and probably the world’s only stumpy-tailed pointer. The Brittany is strong, quick and agile, requiring exercise and activity to occupy his body and mind. He is a happy and alert dog who possesses willing attitude. Regular brushing is important, but their shorter coats need minimal maintenance.

 Information brought to Pups of Sydney by Dr. Bruce Fogle and the American Kennel Club


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