Pups of Sydney | Intro to the Field Spaniel
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Intro to the Field Spaniel


Country of Origin: England

Date of Origin: 1890’s
Original use: Hunting
Life Expectancy: 10-12 years
Weight: 18-25 kg
Height: 43-46 cm


The Field Spaniel is a combination of beauty and utility. It is a well balanced, substantial hunter-companion of medium size, built for activity and endurance in a heavy cover and water. It has a noble carriage; a proud but docile attitude; is sound and free moving. Unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving, independent and intelligent, with a great affinity for human companionship. They may be somewhat reserved in initial meetings. Their coats are moderately long; flat or slightly wavy; silky; and glossy; dense and water- repellent. Moderate setter-like feathering adorns the chest, underbody, backs of the legs, buttocks, and may also be present on the second thigh and underside of the tail. They come in the colours of black, liver, golden liver or shades thereof, in any intensity (dark or light); either self- colored or bi-colored. Bi-colored dogs are roaned and/or ticked in white areas.


Information brought to Pups of Sydney by the American Kennel Club


Images courtesy of Spencer Spaniel


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