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Meet Gaspard

We recently met Gaspard the 4-year old Standard Poodle. Named after the French actor and model Gaspard Ulliel (who perhaps by sheer coincidence is also dark and handsome), and having a dad who was a show dog, Gaspard seemed destined to follow in his fathers paw-prints. As a Poodle, with a coat that grows like wild grass, Gaspard is a hairdressers dream. His owners however prefer keeping him the way he is and to live out his like like a regular dog should.


At home Gaspard knows the ways of negotiation, one time his owners had a pack of potato chips, Gaspard wanted one. Owners refused him, Gaspard leaves and returns with his favourite stick, put it at his owners feet, suggesting that a trade-off is in order. Owners persisted to say no, Gaspard realises there is no deal walks off without leaving his stick behind just as if he was saying, well if i’m not getting a chip, I owe you nothing. “It’s like he’s worked us out, instead of us working him out”.


Meet the Breed

Gaspard, Poodle, Standard Poodle