Pups of Sydney | Getting the Right Dog Bowl Height
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Getting the Right Dog Bowl Height

An elevated dog food bowl is any type of pet food bowl that does not sit directly on the floor. The actual height of elevation of the bowl may vary based on design. There are elevated dog food bowls that come in set elevations for different sized dogs, and there are adjustable raised pet food bowls that allow owners to choose a specific bowl height.

What do I measure?

If you decide to switch to using elevated feeders for your dog, it is important to select a raised bowl at the correct height. Measuring is key. The best way to measure your dog to get the right height elevated dog bowl is to get your dog to stand with his legs directly underneath him. From here, get a tape measure and measure from the floor up to the point where your dog’s front legs meet the chest. The top of a dog food bowl at the correct height should sit level with the dog’s lower chest.

Our Goal

To reduce stress on your dog’s spine, leg joints and neck

Placing a dog bowl at the proper height for a dog allows him to maintain proper standing posture. When the head is kept above the stomach, food travels more efficiently down the digestive tract.

 Measurement Guide

Use the following as a loose guide as not all dog breeds are the same height particularly dependant on their gender, and whether they are still in their growth stage.

Small Dogs

For Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Toy poodles and Westies, measure the dog food bowl to stand between 2 to 6 inches high.

Medium Dogs

For Beagles, Border Collies, Bull Terriers, standard Schnauzers, measure the dog food bowl to stand between 7 and 14 inches high.

Large Dogs

For Dobermans, Dalmatians, Chow Chows, Golden Retrievers, Boxers and Collies, measure the dog food bowl to stand  between 15 and 20 inches high.

Extra Large Dogs

For Great Danes, New Foundland, Mastiffs, Bloodhounds, Borzois and Saint Bernards, measure the dog food bowl to stand between 21 to 27 inches high.

(Image: Dylan Kendall)