Pups of Sydney | Greyhound racing to be banned in NSW
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Greyhound racing to be banned in NSW

The New South Wales Government has announced it will end greyhound racing in the state from July 1 next year.


This comes as an groundbreaking news for New South Wales as the Greyhound racing industry has overseen the slaughter of tens of thousands of healthy dogs whose only crime was not being fast enough.


NSW Premier Mike Baird has announced a ban on greyhound racing, after the state government considered a report by a Special Commission into widespread and systemic animal cruelty in the industry including mass greyhound killings and live baiting (involving piglets, possums and rabbits). Premier Mike Baird said the findings of the report were damning. He said the industry was not capable in the short or medium term of reforming and in the coming months the Government would be working toward an orderly shutdown.


“As a humane and responsible Government, we are left with no acceptable course of action except to close this industry down,” Mr Baird said.


In his recommendation to Parliament, the inquiry’s commissioner Michael McHugh (former High Court judge) said it should be considered whether the industry had lost its “social licence” to operate and should be shut down. He said his alternative recommendation was extensive reform, including tighter regulation. But he said if the industry continued, there was a “very real risk” that live baiting would continue.

“This is the inevitable conclusion to be drawn from the appalling revelations in Mr McHugh’s report and his considered view that any other measures are unlikely to protect animals from further cruelty.”

The Government will announce plans for the shutdown later this year. 


Stay tuned for updates!



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