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Heatstroke Prevention

Summer can be a great time to get active with your pet however with extended daylight and the warmer weather we’ve been seeing weather reaching upwards of 40 degrees here in Sydney. To put things in perspective, the risk of suffering from heatstroke is much greater for dogs than it is humans as they only perspire around their paws and nose. As a result, panting is a natural method which acts to move cool air through the nasal passages and around the body. If this access to cool air is compromised, elevation of a dog’s body temperature will follow.



Heatstroke can be avoided by following simple prevention measures. Here are our top 5 tips for prevention:

  1. Never leave your pet unattended in a car
  2. Carry water and keep your dog well hydrated
  3. Provide shade
  4. Avoid walking during the hottest parts of the day
  5. Protect against sunburn


First Aid

If your dog’s body temperature reaches above 40 degrees celsius, apply immediate first aid. Our priority here is to bring your dogs body temperature down to a normal level (38.3 to 39.2 degrees celsius)

  1. Use cooling techniques such as immersing in a cold bath (no ice), drape them in a cold wet towel, or run a cold water over their body
  2. Maintain airflow
  3. Keep plenty of clean water around your dog at all times that is easily accessible
  4. Get them drinking
  5. Seek veterinary attention


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