Pups of Sydney | Learn about your Dog’s Ancestry
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Learn about your Dog’s Ancestry

Have you ever wondered about the breed of your dog? Our homegrown heroes, the Animal Network have! With over 25 years experience, the Animal Network company is Australia’s largest and most respected animal DNA testing company.

How it works?: A simple cheek swab from inside your dog’s mouth enables the collection of cells for DNA extraction.

Their services range from:

  • breed identification
  • parentage verification
  • disease and trait testing
  • DNA profiling
  • disease testing 

“It provides the opportunity to really attack hereditary diseases and to ensure that pedigrees are valid.”
Bob Maver (ANKC Canine Health Committee).

Does your dog crouch and stare or display herding behaviour, maybe he is part Collie? 

Dig up your dog’s ancestry, get started with a free kit!



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