Pups of Sydney | Meet Lily
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Meet Lily

We met Lily the two year old Kelpie after we noticed she loved to run up and down the fence at the dog park chasing the cars as they drove by. After a lovely time meeting and talking to her owners we were left with some beautiful stories about this little rascal.


What we love about Lily

  • Whereas most dogs like to play fetch, Lily doesn’t like to chase balls, she is in the game just to catch them.
  • She has fine taste – When she is trying a new dog food and if you give her something she doesn’t like, she just pushes the bowl around as if she’s saying “I’m not eating that”.
  • She’s vocal –  While most dogs just scratch at the sign of fleas, Lily tends to get vocal and tell you off. One time in the middle of the night, Lily attempted to wake up her owners alerting them that she felt itchy as if she was saying “I don’t like this mum, do something!”.
  • She ‘wins-over’ all dogs – back when Lily attended puppy school there was a German Shepherd there that didn’t get along with all the dogs. Lily decided that one day that it was her mission for the day to get through to him. Throughout the day the German Shepherd put up with Lily and by the end she had softened him up to a point where he would protect Lily from other dogs at puppy school.
  • When she was a pup, her sister had a growth spurt and while playing, she damaged muscle around Lily’s eye. The result was a sleepy left eye. Despite her early injury, it doesn’t detract from her charisma and personality.

Meet the Breed

Australian Kelpie, Kelpie