Pups of Sydney | Monitoring Sun Intake with My UV Patch
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Monitoring Sun Intake with My UV Patch

In attempt to get the right amount of sunlight for your dog without damaging their skin we look to monitoring sun exposure. Sun exposure for dogs is healthy in moderation, in fact interruption of natural light and dark cycles is known to cause stress and other issues. With the severe and unique Australian climate in mind, and with an office full of dogs that love to sun-bake, we’ve been on the market for an effective UV ray monitoring app. To our surprise we were sent the My UV Patch by La Roche-Posay.


What is it?

First of its kind, this piece of wearable technology it is a stick-on technologically-connected patch applied to your hand or wrist. The patch is linked to an app where you can measure your UV exposure in real time. It is approximately the size of a 50c coin and designed to be worn up to five days, you can shower, sleep, exercise or even swim with it on.


How does it work?

Peel it off, stick it on, monitor with your phone in real time. The patch itself is made of photosensitive dyes that when exposed to UV radiation change colour. Used in conjunction with your smart phone app, you can determine your daily exposure to UV. It also considers your GPS location, Ozone concentration (particularly for Australian users), and your personal UV sensitivity.


How will it help me?

Use it on yourself on a normal basis particularly when you are with your dog. A dog-friendly version has not yet been developed, however we recommend using it on yourself while you are with your dog such as on your walk to the park, or day at the beach. We found that simply using it on ourselves gave us a better understanding of how much sun exposure it took to use up our ‘daily limit’. Then we were able to apply that and be cautious about how much our dogs got as well.



My UV Patch is essentially an app but what sets this apart is the ultra-thin and connectable UV sensor that measures the sun in real time.

Australia has the highest amount of skin cancer worldwide, while many of us are aware of the risks of sun exposure, most of us don’t know how to keep tabs on the amount, nor know how to, apart from applying sunscreen.

To protect you and your dog, use the app to monitor the amount of time you and your dog spends under the sun. If you are concerned with the amount of UV exposure that your dog gets, consult your vet.



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