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Pirate – A Dog with a Job

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Smith the Founder of the pet sitting, boarding, and caring service Froid and the online integrated pet tag Froid ID. We also met the adorable Pirate – the bark behind it all!
1. Describe Pirate in 3 words
My whole world
2. If Pirate were a cartoon character who would she be?
Well she really likes Despicable Me – So she would probably be Kevin
3. When and why did you start Froid?
The idea of froid came to me after personally experiencing how tough it was to try and find someone to care for Pirate. I knew there had to be a better and safer way. I am extremely cautious with Pirate and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to settle for less so I decided to do it my way and create the solution myself so others like me could feel better about leaving the fur babies with a carer.
4. Any plans for a new design collection soon?
I think we can exclusively let your readers know that we are currently putting together our 2015 froidID collection. Our collections are only ever one of collections. I mean who wants their fur kids showing up to a party only to find someone else is wearing the same froidID as you?!
5. How is Pirate involved in Froid?
There would be no froid without her. From the original concept of just wanting to create a safer community for pet sitting to designing an ID tag that was actually suited to pets personalities with a more advanced way of bringing them home if they are ever lost. froid all comes from how much I love and want to protect my fur kids – something I wanted to share with … the world.
6. What is your favourite blog/website and why?
Pups of Sydney of course! We love what you are doing and we love meeting the Pups of Sydney through your work! We also love Hope for Paws, so many amazing rescues and stories we can spend hours watching (and crying) on their site!
7. What’s your number 1 health tip?
Just 1? Raising a fur kids isn’t that easy haha how about this… good food, great exercise, amazing cuddles, the best vets and pet insurance are the fundamentals for raising your fur kids! In return you have a happy, healthy best friend by your side and a wiggly butt waiting for you every single time you come home.



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