Pups of Sydney | Puppy Farms: How big is the issue?
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Puppy Farms: How big is the issue?

We understand that it can be difficult to resist the cute puppies for sale in pet-store windows. But upon taking a closer look into how these stores obtain animals reveals a system in which animals are forced to produce what seems like endless litters in order to supply to these stores.


The Issue

That adorable little puppy in the store probably came from a “puppy factory,” (also known as a puppy farm, or puppy mill). All across Australia dogs are being confined to cruel puppy farms a breeding kennel that raises dogs in cramped, crude, filthy conditions. These facilities operate under conditions that fail to meet the dogs’ behavioural, social and/or physiological needs. Puppy-mill kennels can consist of anything from small cages made of wood and wire mesh to tractor-trailer cabs to simple tethers attached to trees. Puppies from these facilities can suffer from diseases and acute and chronic conditions and may also develop behavioural difficulties due to the conditions they were exposed to.



Under the current legislation, the RSPCA has the power to investigate puppy factories, and at times seize dogs, however only if the cruelty is severe enough and there are breaches of the code of practice. Sadly, the cruelty inherent in puppy factories — lack of exercise, minimal human interaction and social enrichment — can be entirely legal. 

The RSPCA support and campaign for a ban on puppy factories, however because puppy factories and intensive breeding facilities are not illegal, the RSPCA does not have the power to just end puppy factories. They only have the power to work within the current legislation, which is weak and does not adequately protect animals. 



The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) reports that around 450,000 puppies are sold in Australia each year. Of that number, only around 15% of puppies are sold through breeders registered with Australia’s peak companion animal breeding associations. Approximately 15% of puppies are sold through pet shops, with the vast majority of sales occurring online. These online sales are completely unregulated. Each day online websites offer thousands of puppies for sale, with concerns that many of these puppies come from puppy factories.


What can you do?


Legislation in this area have left dogs and puppies exposed. Puppy factory cruelty only continues because caring people have been kept in the dark. It’s up to compassionate Australian’s to change the future for them. Share this campaign with your family and friends!



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