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Rufio – A Dog with a Job

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Rufio the bark behind Australia’s tastiest organic dog treats, Treats A La Bark


1. Rufio in 3 words? Cheeky, Devoted, Loving

2. If Rufio were a cartoon character who would he be? I’m not sure I can pick a cartoon! But I do think if he was a Hollywood actor he would be Ryan Gosling. Can’t you see the resemblance?

3. When and why did you start Treats a la Bark? I started in 2012 because Rufio has very sensitive skin and used to experience painful itching and redness. I looked into what he was eating and was shocked at the awful sounding ingredients and artificial additives that are inside commercial dog food and dog treats. I spoke to other dog owners and realised that there were lots of other dogs with sensitive skin and tummies too and that this is becoming increasingly common. For this reason, I wanted to create a brand where people could feel safe knowing that they are only giving the best for their pup, without risk of allergic reaction, whilst also feeling good about treating them with a high quality Australian made product.

4. How is Rufio involved with Treats a la Bark? Rufio is the Quality Control Manager making sure that all of the treats are delicious (lots of taste testing!) He also keeps us motivated and positive every day!

5. What’s your #1 health tip? Always read the label for any scary sounding ingredients (like preservatives, artificial flavours or sugar). Make sure you’re feeding your pup the very best nature has to offer!



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