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Travel Tips for You and Your Dog

Do you love to travel with your dog? Would you like to travel with your dog? Worried everything might go wrong and then what? Take a look at some helpful tips below, which will ensure a smoother and easier trip. Follow our tips to keep your dog comfy and cozy, and keep yourself stress free.


1. Visit pet friendly locations

Spend some time online to search for pet friendly places to visit. Find out where the local dog park or local open space is that you and your dog can enjoy a nice walk. You can find local parks using Barklife App that will not only be welcoming of you, but of your dog too. Before you book your accommodation give them a call ahead of time to let them know you will be bringing your dog with you. Some places may express they are dog friendly however may discriminate against large dogs.


2. Pack comforts of home

Be sure to pack items such as your dog’s favorite treats and blanket. This way no matter where you go they will feel some familiarity. To control fur fall, pack sheets to throw over the bedspread and other furniture in the room. Bring enough of the brand of food your dog is accustomed to, medications, and even their pet bed if possible. If you can’t bring your own food with you and can’t find it at the local grocery store, call a Thai or Chinese restaurant and order a basic meal for your dog such as steamed white rice and either steamed chicken or beef with no sauce.


3. Talk to your vet

You want to be sure your dog is up for the trip. You can also get medications to help with car sickness or anxiety. Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations and ensure that they don’t need anything special for the area they are traveling. This is especially important if you think your pet might be enjoying a swim in a lake, pond, stream, or beach parasites lurk in water and your vet can help you make educated decisions about what to allow and not allow.


4. A little research goes a long way

When taking a trip, research places to take your dog if an emergency arrives. Know where the closest vet is, and be sure to jot down their address and phone number for easy reference. Most vets are happy to forward your records to the local vet if need be.


5. Try to relax

Don’t rush your trip. Relax, unwind, and have fun. If you do, chances are your dog will too!



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